Friday 1 July 2011

Arriving in Skardu and leaving for Askole

After a very long journey we finally made it to Skardu. We topped up on food and tried to get some sleep, but after arriving at 2am (and thenno extension having dinner) 4 of us had to be up at 8am to get our visa extended. We went to the visa office, but no such luck, they had been waiting a year for thje official stamp. After some negotiations and a long wait, we got a meeting with the deputy of gilgit-baltistan who tells us, "it will be sorted for our return, in'shallah."

The following day we took the 7 hour jeep ride to Askole. Long and bumpy, but we managed to get some pretty "pimped" rides. See the photo!

A few of the team have gone down with the usual gastro bugs but some swift doses of anti-biotics seems to have sorted it.

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