Tuesday 5 July 2011

Rest day in Paju

We arrived in Paju after a couple of days trekking through incredible scenery, views of Uli Biaho tower, Broad Peak and numerous other giants surrounding us. Paju lies beneath a huge vertical wall 600m bigger than El Capitan and probably climbed very few times if at all. At the end of the valley stands impressive rock towers of Great Trango and Cathedral Spire, a truly inspiring place and a great place to spend a rest day today.

Camp conversation has revolved a lot around the state of our bowels as we have all had a few problems since leaving Askole. Dunc was the first to go suprisingly, although all our money was on Scott after his history of stomach problems. Dunc was closely followed by Ben, then Mason from both ends, then Scott. Rob and John managed to avoid any major problems. We're all feeling much better now after a rest day and a pizza cooked by our legend of a chef, Isaac. A good effort on a camp stove!

We are all really psyched to head on to Urdukas tomorrow, traversing the awesome Trango range, it's going to be a longer day with more ascent and taking us much closer to Broad Peak base camp where we should arrive on Friday, In'shallah.



  1. I miss the rest day at Paju camp...!

  2. The bowel conversations don't sound great but good to hear you're recovered following the pizza. Hope everything is going well. Take care. xxx

  3. Interesting path to take your games of one-upmanship down Mason - hope the movements are a bit more regular now!