Sunday 24 July 2011

Camp 3 tagged and a couple of summits

A small break in the weather saw JR, Duncan and Scott make it to camp 3 (7100m), Rob and Mason turned around about halfway up from camp 3.  An amazing effort from Mason so far who has nearly broken 7000m having only been to 3000m before this trip!


On 21st/22nd a Russian and French summited the main peak and two catalans also summited in a round trip of 30 hours from camp 3.  Given the high winds this is a very strong effort and the first summits of the year.  They're still up on the mountain so we're not aware of how they are.  Two are still up there as far as we know, hopefully they'll be seen descending soon but this will mean 2 days above camp 3 in high winds.


There's a lot of tough decisions going on as the weather forecasts are varied and the windspeeds are still high.  The Canadaian team is going for an attempt on the 25th along with Koldo from our team.  Scott and Duncan have waited at camp 2 hoping to go for a summit attempt with them.  They sound in good spirits and we’re hoping for the best for them but it will be a tough time staying above 6000m for 4 days.  Let's hope the forecaasts come in and the winds drop low enough for an easier summit than those previously.


JR descended from camp 3 to base camp yesterday with some frostnip to two fingers in his left hand (but nothing serious) and is waiting for another window later in the month to potentially go up with Rob, Mason and the Taiwan team should the weather allow it.  They are all now well acclimatized to have a strong attempt if the weather breaks.


Good luck to Scott and Duncan and everyone else on the mountain, fingers crossed for a break in the weather, successful summits and safe descents.

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