Tuesday 19 July 2011

Weaher correction...

How things can change in 24 hours….!!!!


After our fantastic forecast of 2 days ago everything has changed and the Jetstream has fully descended onto the Karakorum - our 5 day clear weather window has been 'blown' out the water.  JR, john, Dunc and Robs attempt to reach camp 1 yesterday was abandoned due to poor and warm conditions on the mountain.  They returned to base camp late last night.  Scott is recovering from a case of the 'Karakorum Quick Step'.


So the wind has increased above 7500m dramatically, and the long range forecast looks very poor at the moment.  The weather window has closed firmly shut for our hopeful summit attempt of the 26th, 27th so we are sitting on our hands and waiting (praying) for change.  Camp1 and above has been enveloped in the clouds as I write, and the base camp winds are much like a winters day on the Cairngorm Plateaux (OK maybe not that bad).  Joy!!


The two commercial teams, led by Chris Syzmiec and Phil Crampton who were planning their summit bids very soon have decided, given the forecast, to leave base camp (meaning there will be no trail to the summit).  We will be working with the smaller teams now, if the weather improves to break the crucial trail to 8000m.  Everything hangs in the balance of the next few forecasts.


We sit and wait in hope of a change in the weather over the next week.  Cross your fingers for us.


A few food things we're missing in Base Camp, except the girlfriends of course!


JR - Greek Salad with Feta

Rob - Buster the Husky

John - A good cup of Yorkshire tea

Ben - Warm feet

Dunc - Biscuits

Scott - A smooth café latte


Final note, possibly the best news so far - the BPA (Broad Peak Ale) is three days into brew and master brewer Duncan says "Yeast is active, smelling good and its frothing well - 7 days to go".  The beer is the talk of base camp.


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