Saturday 2 July 2011

Askole and the porters

After 6 days we've arrived at the head of the road and met our chef, Isaac and the 95!? porters (see photo) that Lela have hired for us and the Basque team. We're glad to say the chef's cooking is, so far, excellent. The freshest chicken you could have; it wandered past the tent shortly before hitting the pan. We re-packed the bags into the 25kg porter loads ready for the morning.

We met one of the teachers from Greg Mortenson's first school in Korphe, just 10 minutes walk from here and we have been invited to visit on the way back. The father of one our expedition organisers was one of the first teachers at the school and is mentioned in 'Three Cups of Tea'. Ackbar and Anwar, the twins who run Lela, are not only providing a great service already but have done amazingly well, starting as porters at 15 and now running one of the most respected operations in the Karakoram, still aged only 29.

During the evening John taught the team (including the Basque) to play the card game Oh Hell, which I think is going to be a big time passer over the trip. An early night is needed for the 05.30 start to the trek.


  1. Hi guys, hope every one will be doing great at beautiful Paju camp today. I'm already in Islamabad. All is well here.
    Enjoy the Balti music at Paju and best of luck!!

  2. I love playing Oh Hell! Wish I were there...